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Attracting Birds from your Nest Box and Feeder

a bird eats from its birdfeederAs an intro to our site, we would like to give you a glimpse of what’s in store for you. We have compiled some very important facts about bird nest boxes and feeders. Remember this is just a start of your journey and we are hoping that you also share your knowledge with us.

When to Put Nest Boxes Up

Most people set up nest boxes as soon as spring time comes. This is so that they are all set for the breeding season. On the other hand, this is not the BEST time to do so. We suggest that nest boxes are set up during autumn season. The reason for this is to provide the winter shelters for roosting birds. This will give a higher chance of them nesting and staying. However, boxes erected during mid-February will have a good change of occupancy. Even when March comes, there are still hope of being occupied.

Where to Put Nest Boxes

This aspect is as important as, if not more, the time when to put nest boxes. Nest boxes have to be situated on a comfortable and safe environment. These have to be placed somewhere far from the predators and with relatively good weather conditions. This is a bit difficult to achieve but it can be done.

Managing a Nest Box

For a good nest box, cleaning is not a burden. It only needs to be cleaned once during autumn. One rule of thumb is to NOT clean such boxes before the first of August. The boxes may be occupied and this is against the law. After autumn has passed, then you can eliminate the contents of the box but it is at the utmost importance that the box needs to be vacant. Disseminate the insides of the box and put it on the ground. Make sure it’s far from the box to ensure that parasites will not re-infiltrate it. Make sure to clean it right away to save the nest box.

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